#5FTF – January 26th 2024

Once a month at WebDevStudios we dedicate an entire day to giving back to the open-source community. It’s called “Five for the Future” or #5FTF. Contributions can be done through bug fixes on open-source projects, answering questions on forums, providing translation services for projects and even building our own project from scratch.

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Open VSC with “code” command from terminal

These are the steps to add the ‘code’ command to your terminal to open a file or directory in Visual Studio Code.

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Terrain Generator Built in Processing

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a programming ASMR video on youtube. The idea of that made me laugh, so I just had to watch. I pretty quickly became less interested in the audio coming from this gentleman’s mechanical keyboard and more with the program he was writing. Evidently he was inspired to make this video because he watched a tutorial from The Coding Train channel that built a similar terrain generator.

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