I Spotted some Strange Radio Towers on a Roadtrip

Photograph of a radio tower with large horn shaped receivers at the top

I was taking a small road trip from Missouri to Iowa using I-35 and spotted something strange. Well, two things, one was a Tesla Cybertruck in the opposing lane. Which at the time of writing this post, are a rare sight to see in the Mid West. The second thing I saw was radio tower that look both ancient and epic at the same time. Usually I see radio or cell towers that have these things that look like flat white panels or something that looks like a large white drum. This however had large gray horn shaped features aimed in four different directions. I imagined this had nothing to do with cell service and would more likely be receiving alien messages from space.

To be honest, I’ve driven past this tower many times and raised an eyebrow. Look at the tower, look at the mile marker, drive for couple more hours and then totally forget. Finally I remembered, found it on Google maps, which took about half an hour. Even seeing it in the browser I thought it looked epic. What is this thing? Who should I ask for more information?

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